Valentino, Michael Bailey Gates
Michael Bailey Gates
SSAW, Hiu Zhi Wei
Hiu Zhi Wei
M Le Monde, Fausto Elizalde
M Le Monde
Fausto Elizalde
Vogue China, Lee Wei See
Vogue China
Lee Wei See
SSAW, Ola Rindal
Ola Rindal
Harper's Bazaar US, Annemarieke van Drimmelen
Harper's Bazaar US
Annemarieke van Drimmelen
Re-editon, Larissa Hofmann
Larissa Hofmann
Modern Matter, Senta Simond
Modern Matter
Senta Simond
M Le Monde, Oliver Hadlee Pearch
M Le Monde
Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Vogue Ukraine, Dan Beleiu
Vogue Ukraine
Dan Beleiu
Courrèges Parfums, Carlijn Jacobs
Courrèges Parfums
Carlijn Jacobs
Pop Magazine, Paul Wetherell
Pop Magazine
Paul Wetherell
Self Service, Véronique Didry
Self Service
Véronique Didry
Marfa Journal, Sean & Seng
Marfa Journal
Sean & Seng
Double Magazine, Tim Elkaïm
Double Magazine
Tim Elkaïm
Holiday Magazine, Valeria Herklotz
Holiday Magazine
Valeria Herklotz
Armani Magazine
Armani Magazine
Perfect Magazine, Elizaveta Porodina
Perfect Magazine
Elizaveta Porodina
Pop Magazine, Julien Martinez Leclerc
Pop Magazine
Julien Martinez Leclerc
Lanvin, Mert & Marcus
Mert & Marcus
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